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The quick and simple way to chat, share and
work together.

Anytime, anywhere.


Why you'll love using Troupe

Simple, brilliant chat
Chat individually or in groups. Easily edit or delete mistakes. Know who’s read any message. Syncronised across devices.
The way chat should be.
Infinite chat history
Your conversations are stored forever.
All of them, safely in the cloud.
Soon you’ll be able to search them too.
Always free, no ads
There will always be a free version of Troupe. Paid plans with additional features will be launching later.
Smart Notifications
Don't get bombarded with notifications everywhere. Our smart notifications will find you on the right device and won't overwhelm you with too many messages.
Location Aware
With intelligent location information, everyone knows who’s where. You won’t bug Frank when he’s on holiday in
Cape Town. Lucky Frank.
Calendar Information
Understanding people’s availability can be critical for effective communication. Coming soon. Also for free.
Made for Sharing
Invite anyone to chat, with just one click they’ll be talking with you.
It couldn't get easier than that.
Share and View Files
Drag and drop or even email files to share with anyone. We keep them all safe and sound in the cloud.
Plays Great with Email
Troupe gives all of your group conversations an email address. No more CC’ing nightmares. Reach everyone with just one address.

With you anytime, anywhere

Currently available on iOS, OSX, Windows and all mobile web browsers. Android App coming soon.