We built Troupe to help teams and businesses communicate better. Sadly, we were unable to garner enough traction to turn the product into a viable business. In June we contacted all of our customers via email to inform everyone that we would be shutting Troupe down at the end of July. We individually reached out to the last remaining customers on Troupe and we believe that all of our last known customers should have been contacted.

If we somehow managed to miss contacting you and you are reading this message, we can only offer our sincerest apologies.

One area we did see some signs of traction was amongst other software developers. In January we launched a trial version of a new product, Gitter. Gitter not only allows teams of developers to communicate privately, but additionally provides public rooms where communities of developers from around the world can come together to talk, form strong relationships and hopefully build better products together.

Today, Gitter hosts thousands of public conversations and is fostering strong developer communities. We fundamentally believe that better communication leads to better outcomes and our mission at Gitter is help foster both public and private developer communities.

If you have not seen Gitter, we encourage you to give it a go and let us know how you get along.

Thank you ever so much for using Troupe, providing feedback and helping us build the product. We're sorry it wasn't able to work out and if we have caused you any inconvenience. We are committed as ever to build a great product and we hope that you will join us on that journey with Gitter.


The Troupe / Gitter founders and team.